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Can a pelvic ultrasound detect herpies? ?

Long story short my girlfriend just had an abortion and I'm now having signs of a possible herpies outbreak. I just had blood work done and so far it's not HIV but I'm awaiting for the rest of the results to get back to me.  My girlfriend's abortion was recent and I know that they have to do vaginal exams on them so I was wondering if they would of been able to see if she had anything while they preformed those exams? Maybe it's not herpies or whatever but I was just wondering if those tests could detect anything. Thank you 

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  • No they would only be able to see if she had herpes if she had a break out. Routine blood work also doesn't check for herpes or HIV.

    If shes concerned about having those viruses, she should talk to her doctor about getting tested for them.

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    An ultrasound doesnt detect herpes at all, but if she had an active outbreak, they would have seen the lesions (the doc) (would have to have active lesions); a tech would not be able to make that diagnosis and may not say anything.

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