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how to Restore back original Admin password, which i deleted earlier?

How can i do it? I have a computer on a domain. i deleted the password of admin users to use this PC freely, now i want to restore the original password of admin without knowing him. i have another computer on this domain with same users and all that. want to restore one PC admin password with the help of other domain PC,


how to Restore Orignal Windows

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  • 10 months ago

    You can't access the encrypted and system password files without some hacking, so you basically have bricked the user accounts.

    YOU have to be THE administrator, logged on to do that.

    Means going back and setting up user accounts and their settings for privilege.

  • Dave
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    10 months ago

    So in other words, you accessed PC thats not yours, and nuked the password, and now want to put the password back so they don't know you did it.

    Can't be done. Good job, you're going to get caught.

  • 10 months ago

    Cannot be done.  You can do this with a boot disk, but you'd have to boot up THAT computer, not yours.  I mean, think on it.  Would it make computers secure if people could change passwords on other computers on their domain?  

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