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Is it normal to feel sad after rejecting someone?

A friend of mine just revealed he has a crush on me (he is a really sweet and sensitive guy by nature, but I'm just not attracted to him enough to be anything more than just a friend), I rejected him and told him that I am in love with this other guy who I've known longer, and he ran away after I told him this, and won't talk to me now. I think I really hurt him, and now I feel very awful. Is this normal? Should I text him and ask if he's ok? What should I do?

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  • Foofa
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    10 months ago

    When someone you trust as a platonic friend reveals themselves to have ulterior motives it's normal to feel betrayed. You're thinking back to everything you've ever said to them and wondering if you somehow lead them on or gave them the wrong impression. But in most cases this isn't your fault and TBH if he "ran away" instead of starting to stalk you you're luckier than most.

  • 10 months ago

    It happens. You have a good thinking and go heart. You aren't pathetic.human. that's a good sign of a character of anyone. Well.let me ask you, if u can answer, a girl was found of guy, the guy approached her after.knwoing, she jinxed him in return and told her bf. What would you say.

  • Teal
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    10 months ago

    Rejection is always disappointing, and sometimes even humiliating. It's normal to feel sympathy for him. But you shouldn't feel guilt. You were honest and upfront, that is all you owed him. Your role in this is done. It is his responsibility to accept your decision and move on. You need to give him space so he can get over you. He can't be your friend while his feelings are still raw. You can tell him that the door is open when he is ready, but don't push and don't try to console him.

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