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Should school be reported for violation?

Student is a new transfer from a different school district. Should be sitting out for 1 year, according to UIL rules, but is a starter on the varsity team. 

Isn’t this a major violation to the UIL rules? Not to mention being unfair to other new transfers who are on sub varsity teams because of the rule. 


If the parents of a student move from the district or school zone before the student has been in attendance for one year, the student loses athletic eligibility in the school district from which the parents move, and remains ineligible there for varsity athletics until a year is up.

Update 2:

The student does not reside in the school district. Their residence is in another school district

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    If you are a capable athlete, rules, like records, are made to be broken. Sad truth.

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    are full-time, day students in the school, and have been in regular attendance at the school since the 6th class day of the present school year, or have been in regular attendance for 15 or more calendar days before the contest or competition,

     were eligible according to the fifteen day rule and the residence rule prior to district certification.

    This is the closet i could come to finding anything about transfer students.

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    I just looked up UIL eligibility rules. Players are banned for 1 year IF they changed schools primarily for athletic purposes. There are detailed rules about how to determine this.

    So if a player changed schools simply because their parents decided to buy a new house, or their parent got a new job that required them to move, or some other reason, then they are not required to sit out one year.

    If they switch schools primarily for the purpose of participating in sports with a more desirable school/program, then they can be subject to one year wait by the UIL board.

    Here's the website with the rules:

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