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The principle makes me use a port a potty instead of the boys bathroom an that is NOT fair!?

At school I am not aloud to go in the boys bathroom an take a crap cause the principle said I stink up the whole school!  So he rented a port a potty an sat it out by the football field!  It takes like ten hundred minutes to walk all the way their every time I have to take a dump!  I don't get marked late for class an sometimes I can play with my worm a little tiny bit but it sucks during the winter cause it's COLD in their!  This has been so unfair, last time I took a crap inside the school they evacuated the whole area around the band room an choir room an theater cause they thought their was a sewer leak!  Total crap!  My manure doesn't stink that bad!  I also get automatic detention if I fart in class so I try to spread my cheeks an make them come out like airy an silent so nobody knows it was me that ricked it an I can bretend I am all mad that someone farted in class!  No one else has to use a port a potty or gets detention for tooting!  On Monday Melissa Metcalf sneezed an tore a fart off clear back past the corner of her anushole an she ran out of the room ballin an everybody just laughed an I got MAD an asked Mr. Rogers why SHE didn't get detention an he told me to sit down an shut my punk mouth!  Her gas stunk so bad I could of puked an mine smells like a country meadow on a summer morn!  I am so tired of being treated like this, every one makes fun of me an never had a gf!  Ugh.

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    I would have expected that you would be glad to be out of class for ten hundred minutes

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    So, in other words, you're saying that's your princIPAL's principle?  ;-)

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Cool story, bro

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