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I'm a hypochondriac with unexpected weight loss and it's ruining my life please help me I'm so scared?

I'm such a hypochondriac, I always search up my symptoms and think I have this disease or that disease.  However this time I've had some serious weight loss idk why.  In may of 2018, I weighed about 120 pounds.  In may of 2019, I weighed 112 pounds.  Now I just started college.  I took my weight in September 2019 two weeks after starting college at the doctor's and I was 102 pounds.  I don't know if it's because I'm not used to this food or because I'm stressed or something.  I went back to the doctor and he said that I should go do some blood tests because he thinks I may have something wrong with my thyroid like hyperthyroidism or something.  He also wants me to do a urine test, blood test, and other stuff However, I am so scared that it's something else.  Please help me I'm so stressed and anxious everyday just by thinking about this.  What do you think this is? :(. I have to wait another week to go get my blood test and I'm freaking out. please help I cant calm down

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    Stress can definitely cause weight changes even if you don’t realize it. You should definitely have blood tests done to check your thyroid (I lost a lot of weight as only symptom before blood tests found hyperthyroidism). If you are otherwise healthy and not taking drugs, drinking to excess or smoking two packs a day then you shouldn’t worry too much. For a young healthy person just starting college, the most likely explanation is stress. See your doctor soon and get some basic testing and an exam to rule out illness. In the meantime, be sure you’re getting enough sleep, eat WELL (not junk between classes) because junk food with high sugar/fat and low nutrients won’t help you gain back and maintain a healthy weight. Lots of good fat foods (nut butters, avocados, nuts, eggs, baked chicken, whole grain breads, Greek yogurt) will put weight back on, help you feel better and maintain healthy weight.

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    M9st likely stress and changed living arrangements but is good your doctor is being thorough and checking to be sure.

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    i would just let your doctor check you out

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