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how long are you allowed to train in martial arts like krav maga,jiujitsu,boxing ect?

oh and judo? am i allowed to train for the rest of my life? or are some schools " short coursed" or wahtever? how about gracie jiujitsu?

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  • Steel
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    10 months ago
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    I'm sure there are some schools/classes that are offered in six-week (or whatever) intervals, but for the most part, instruction is ongoing. I suppose the best answer to your question is: "for however long the teacher is willing to teach you," or "until the school closes down." There are no definitive stipulations as to how long one can train. In fact, it is quite the opposite: one should never stop training or striving to improve.

  • Bon
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    10 months ago

    First, you are suppose to train for life if you want to retain your skills. That's the one important fact that many young people do not understand. You don't train for a black belt or whatever level and then just stop because you know everything.

    Martial art is a journey and not a destination. If you are serious about martial art, then you are constantly learning and improving your skills. And I am not referring to attending classes. I am talking about having the initiative to training even when you are not in class. You can attend class for as long as you have the money, but classroom training is not the only thing you do if you want to be a serious martial artist.

  • Bill
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    10 months ago

    You keep training for the rest of your life.   But first figure out why you want to train in Martial Arts.   Is it to fight?  Well be aware the only reason to fight (with one exception) is you get paid for it.   If you are threatened etc then do everything you can to avoid it - run way - try not going to dangerous areas, try to talk your way out out anything you can to ovoid the fight.   If, and only if, that fails do you fight, then try to get away as soon as possible.   So why study martial arts?  Well it gives you confidence, poise, discipline. health, fitness, and many other benefits.   That's the real reason to do it.   You can do internet searches on various styles and talk to teachers etc to find one that suits you and your goals.  

    I personally studied Tai Chi before my arthritis got the better of me and could not do it anymore.   You may think its a load of bollocks after that fight between an MMA fighter and supposed Tai Chi master who got pummeled.   Take my word for it the Ta Chi master was a fraud.   A real aster would not be goaded into such a fight inn the first place - that's not why you study Tai Chi.    Remember - the only reason to fight is if you get paid.   MMA is best if that's your aim.   For s real encounter with a genuine Tai Chi master, 80 years old, and a cage fighter and MMA teacher see:


    Youtube thumbnail

    It was basically a joke - the MMA fighter was humiliated.  And the Tai Chi master was 80 years old.   That's why you study - health, longevity etc- all the stuff I mentioned before.   And you keep doing it all your life.



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