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Can I return my hamster at petsmart?

I got a Syrian hamster about 6 days ago and I bought a bunch of stuff for him but I think I am too anxious and stressed about him and therefore feel like i am an inadequate owner, is it possible to still return him? I also got him a pack of tubes and he kind of bit some of it, can i also return that? As well as his starter cage, used bedding and food, and hamster ball? I really need advice asap as I am getting more and more anxious about him :(


Also, i bought him on black friday so i dont know if that amounts to anything? I forgot to say that the Starter Cage and hamster ball was from petco and i would also like to know the return policies for that as well.

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    Why do that after all this trouble, look at all the stress your new pet is going through.

    I think you just have cold foot syndrome, maybe for thinking you you don't know or are capable of caring for a sweet little animal.

    Read a lot about keeping them, seriously, lots, their cage requirements, their healthy diets and food that is no no, their behaviors and needs for enrichments, then taming and bonding, developing trust on your pets part and on your ability.

    Spent time around your hammy and get to know it. Personally, do away with the ball, those are not very safe and then look to a much larger cage at least 6 sq foot of floor, then add a lot of paper sort bedding so it can burrow in a hidy hut.

    Can't bathe them in water, get it a sand bath, they groom themselves a lot.

    Be responsible and keep up with cleaning the cage, even daily spot cleaning.

    See water is fresh daily, and never leave perishable foods over 24 hours.

    READ,,then read some more. There are loads of decent videos on youtube about everything to know about hamsters.

    May seem a lot of work at first, but hardly that at all, the cage cleaning takes 10 minutes of your time a couple times a week a few daily things you can add to spending time with your pet. One other thing is they tend to be nocturnal and can be a grouch if you wake them when they want their sleep. Not hard to adjust your schedule to accommodate and your hammy can get used to waking earlier in the afternoon.

    Spend a least a half hour a couple times a day so they learn your smells, sounds and what to expect from you.

    You have to remember they are prey animals and scare easy and to be stress free, has to feel safe with you.

    I know I loved all my pet rodents, wonderful little pets deserving of good care.

    Return the ball if you can, then look for a decent cage for starters. Petsmart cages are usually too small and sales people just push their inventory.

    Start reading on hamster care sites and watch the hamster youtubes, you will get better ideas.

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    8 months ago

    You cannot return anything that is used or even opened. You need to call them and ask if you can even return the hamster itself. You need to find it a good home and give the whole set up away.

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