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How can I make my hamster not want to escape?

I have a teddy bear hamster who spends all night trying to escape. Sometimes he succeeds. We have him in a 32 ⅛ × 19 ⅛ × 13 ¾ space with several toys, a large wheel, and a hideout. We thought he was bored, so we got him a few play items, but he uses them to stand / jump off of to try to get over the side of his container. He also will dump his food and water just to stand on the bowls in effort to get over. What can I do to make him happy in his home? Is it too small? He gets time in a ball every night, but I can't have him out for hours. Help! 

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    A bit small but acceptable, be sure it has hidy huts and plenty of bedding to burrow in.

    You need a secure mesh grill top for bin sort cages.

    First thing I do is get them to come to me for treats with a unique sound like a cage bell or a treat phrase. once they master that, recovering escapees is not so hard.

    Do away with the ball, give them out of cage time in a penned area you can be with them, a bathtub IE. then just let them do their thing. Add something familiar from its cage so everything is not new for it. At least someplace where they can be caught in a cup without much fuss, and don't forget favorite treats. just being together like that builds trust and bond, and remember not to wake them, they can be a grouch when they want day sleep. They are prey animals, so chasing and grabbing them with hands only teaches them fear. Not too hard to herd them into a cup or TP roll to transport to and from.

    Those balls are not only unsafe, hamsters rely on smelling when foraging and don't have that in balls. seen vent holes tear off toenails and overheat very fast.

    Traumatic going down a flight of stairs.

    Hope this helps a bit.

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    I don't think there is a way to stop this behavior.  Their little brain has but one thought:  Escape.  

    I had a teddy bear hamster with the same issue.  The best advice I can give is to make sure you have a cage it cannot chew out of.  I first kept it in a glass aquarium type cage but it would climb to the top and chew at the screen and the plastic.  So I put it in a diy plastic bin style cage and it chewed its way out twice.  It was loose in my bedroom for two months.  It destroyed my mattress, sheets, blanket, comforter, curtains, socks, shoes, slippers and sentimental items, plus it peed and pooped everywhere.  I only got it back in its cage because it fell in the garbage can.  Then it was right back to trying to escape.  I ended up releasing it outside.

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    His cage is above minimum but that doesn't mean he wouldn't appreciate more space. I cant say it would for sure help but if its possible you might want to try a bigger cage. Hamsters run for miles every night. They are quite active animals and usually appreciate all the space they can get. 

    Otherwise you need to secure the cage you have. How is he escaping? Does the cage have a lid? 

    Ditch the exercise ball and let him have floor time in a playpen. Supervised of course. 

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