Routine for NCAA Athletes?

Hi. I'm a writer (hence the name) and I'm currently writing about a college basketball player. What I can't seem to find any information about is how do holidays and breaks work for athletes. Do you get to travel home for thanksgiving? Are there practices or games scheduled during the winter break? 

Also, how strict are the rules about partying and drinking. Are athletes kept on a tight leash when it comes to these things? 

If anyone has any knowledge on this, whether in basketball or college sports in general, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    US Thanksgiving: unless they're a spring sport "or" if their season has ended, they're probably staying on campus for practices/games unless they're nearby their parents' home. The NCAA can't and won't cover travel expenses so most don't travel home. For basketball players Thanksgiving weekend seems to be tournament-heavy so they're often traveling for games.

    Christmas: Similar. If their season is over (football if they don't have a bowl game to prep for) then they will typically leave campus over the Christmas break unless they financially can't afford it "or" if they have to make up exams/class work in order to remain eligible. "Most" basketball teams cut back on their schedule during finals. Coaches will often have players over at their home for Christmas dinner since NCAA rules about what is/isn't covered food-wise during breaks is at best not very good for student-athletes.

    Underage drinking is illegal and most programs have rules about this. Guys will go to parties; enforcement depends on the program. 30 years ago it may have been more commonplace but nowadays with everyone holding a camera phone athletes are less likely to let loose around strangers.

    Sources: NCAA rules, and a couple conversations with a two guys from my home province (Ontario) who played US college hockey (our drinking age is 19 so they'd tip a few over the summer months when they'd return home after their academic year was over). Kids in Canada have to decide before they hit 16 if they want to play Canadian major-junior hockey (if they play one shift in one game they're ineligible to play NCAA hockey as kids in major junior are paid a small monthly stipend); the two guys were offered scholarships to D-1 schools that were in the bottom half of D-1 programs (they never played in an NCAA tournament game). They were never able to go home for Christmas due to tournaments so a coach would commonly have players over or the team would have a catered meal if they were at a tournament over Christmas. As to drinking (this was 25 years ago) most guys would go to on-campus parties and get their load on but again, 25 years ago people didn't have camera phones.

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    If you were really a writer you would understand that you needed better sources of research than Yahoo Answers.

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    If you are writing about a college basketball player, as you state, why are you not asking that person? 

    If you are writing in generalities have you interviewed any coaches, or players who you know are actually playing instead of anonymus strangers here? 

    Taking one school for example, University of Michigan, final exams go no later then 12-20-2019 and the winter 2020 term starts 1-8-2019. Between these dates Michigan Men's basketball plays 21st and 29th of December, and 5th of January. 

    Michigan played on Thanksgiving and Black Friday for a preseason tournament in the Bahamas. Each school will schedule their games differently at that time of year. Some will have time off, some will play games. 

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