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Can rat pee/poop cause mold?

 I'm getting rid of the rat, but I found rat poop and pee in the same spot in the middle of my floor and it's been there for about a week like it's just continuously wet so I figured maybe it was a leak or something else but I think the rat just keeps peeing and pooping in the same place. I think it might be causing white mold to grow around the bottom of my wall and every time I get rid of the mold it just comes back

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  • odd
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    8 months ago

    You might have rats, but it sounds like you also might have other issues with your home to do with plumbing and leaks.

  • 8 months ago

    If you don't clean it up, yes. Ratties can nearly litter train, try  a small litter tray with a pee rock to mark. They get used to that, they usually take care of business there.

    Don't expect them to run for their cage when freerun, the urge hits, and an oh jeez moment happens.

    Mold is from a lot of dampness, maybe look into a dehumidifier.

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