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Do children all over the world believe in Santa Claus or is it more of a Western thing?

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    It's a Western thing...

    The original "santa claus" was Odin in his role as the Holly King and the Wild Hunt, which brings us to the Yule and the fireplace/hearth with gifts and feasting.

    Christianity adapted the Yule feast (and the Roman Saturnalia) to represent the birth of Christ, and also associated the time with St Nicholas (a bishop noted for good deeds, like giving gifts of food and other necessities at that time of year.

    But the popular version  dates back to the mid Victorian era.

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    Considering that Christmas is a western thing, do the math.

    Why would a Hindu kid care about jolly old Santa?

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    Santa is Satan! in his blood red suit, appearing to be always giving whilst Christmas which is one of his Pagan rituals, leaves people in misery afterward when the dust settles, it Only make wealthy People wealthier, and poorer people poorer whilst good people fortunately take the opportunity to do some good at this time of year,and even these people are being prevented from feeding clothing and housing homeless people, by Satan's other world systems and dishonest wicked people he put in places of power and trust, Christmas is just a world Party it is Not Blessed of God whatsoever, it is No more biblical than Easter eggs or bunnies. 

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    I know that is was a European thing, that has grown into what it is  today/

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  • Snoopy
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    10 months ago

    I was told he didn't exist. 

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    only priviledged children

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    It's a Christian thing. So you could say about a quarter of the kids on the globe may have been told about Santa. (Of course, Christians are pretty thin on the ground in some parts of the world.)

  • Anonymous
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    They call him different names, but there's a white-bearded guy delivering presents in most countries.

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