Are Audi TT s a good buy?


Hey y'all, I'm looking at buying an Audi TT Coup (mid 2000s), just wanting to know a bit more about them and if they're reliable. I'm also based in NZ so not sure how hard parts are to get? The alternative I'm looking at is a Subaru Legacy, any advise would be great thanks!

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  • 6 months ago

    AUDI's are my FAVORITE CARS! They are made to last RUST FREE for thirty years, or longer! The TT is very special, but once again it is more about HOW they were cared for! AUDI requires a certain type of oil, called 502/505 oil ONLY! If VALVOLILNE or other wax made oils were used, you will have to do a FULL ENGIEN FLUSH. AUDI USES a ZF automatic transmission! SO does CADILLAC, LINCOLN< BMW, HUNDAI< KIA and many Gm models and other FORD and CHRYSLE cars as well! ZF is the most PRESTIOGIOUS name of EUROPEAN trans making!; and there are several REUILDERS from ZF located in the USA! Also there is 1800 ALL AUDI in new york also called SHOKAN that stocks good used parts for ALL AUDI CARS! I LOVE the TT>but again I KNOW them backwards and forwards.

      also insist upon a HENGST WOOL filled OIL FILTER with ANY german car! OIL CHANGES are good for ONEFULLYEAR! Oils to use are TOTAL ENERGYOIL< MOTUL< MObil one 0W-40, LIQUI MOLY or PENNZOIL EURO< which gives a full 500.000 miles ENGINE WARRANTY with proof of purchase. The trans REQUIRES a full servicing , or change of fluid and filter every 90.0000 miles along with ALL OTHER FLUID including COOLANT< STEERING and BRAKE fluids! EXPECT THOUSANDAS of happy trouble free motoring, if you use MICHELIN or CONTINENTAL or other FUEL saving tires! There is only ONE other car that uses the ADUI type DOUBLE WISHBONE suspension, and that is the newer MUSTANGS. Use TIRE RACK for tires and brake pads! These cars are TOTALLY AWESOME and retain their value very well. They track like they are on RAILS! Also use BLAUPARTS for updates for POWER and SUSPENSION upgrades and other advice! AWESOME is the WORD! My old 500 turbo would blow away MUSTANGS and CAMAROS regularly< and sl get 24 MPPG all; day long! The TT should get near 40 if you use the MILEAGE MONITOR< and install DENSO TWIN TIP IRIDIUM LASER PLUGS @ $7 each! AWESOME! Did I say that already!

  • 7 months ago

    Very unreliable cars and costly for the sake of it also very weird extremely common faults like the bonnet release and other hinges breaking easily with coincidently can cost up to the same as replacing tires.... Coincident???? @lso the first gen was prone to many recalls only paying for the badge really your better off getti G a foesta St 

  • 8 months ago

    they are decent enough cars my son is on his second one. however parts are very expensive and it had a bit of a rep for things going wrong. even  glove box hinges break ..and you have to but a whole new unit! ( ouch)  enjoyable drive. good performance and steering is't vague as suggested ( might  be just that one) . bottom line is unless you  deep pockets and don't mind a few issues it's probably best as a second  choice and warranty is very important!

  • 8 months ago

    No, they might look good but they’re even more unreliable than usual for a VW, and not especially nice to drive due to a harsh ride quality and vague steering.

    The driving seats are also usually standard worldwide Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) items as also fitted to Skoda and SEAT models so cause many drivers severe lower back pain due to poor lumbar support and drivers with wide shoulders often get severe shoulder pain as the seat seems to have been designed for those with very narrow shoulders.

    On a model that old some parts will take either weeks to arrive by sea or will cost a small fortune to get air freighted: Unlike Europe and the USA, NZ and Australia lack a large number of breaking yards filled with TTs and the closely-related VW Golf/Rabbit which you can get parts from. Electrical parts are the main weak points and they’re both expensive to replace and the replacements are often even worse than what VAG originally fitted.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Get the Subie but check for oil change receipts.  They are known to burn oil if oil changes were not done according to the recommended intervals.  A15 year old Audi will just give you headaches and burn your wallet.

  • Lôn
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    I'd prefer an S3 or preferably an RS3 but the TT is a good car too.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    I know someone who was going to buy one and the used car salesman actually told her not to buy them as they have so many problems. YMMV

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