Can someone give me the definition of this dream?

This was probably the worst dream I’ve had in my life. It started out with me having inner vibrations (that i actually often get which i think is because of lack of sleep). But when i had those vibrations normally i can move and open my eyes but I couldn’t. I tried putting all my force to open my eyes and they opened slightly enough to see light and my entire body didn’t move at all. Then i felt someone was in the room watching me but i couldnt see them cuz my head was facing the other way. Then i woke up (in my dream) and it felt normal, i even turn on the light and try to go to my mom’s room but i hear a voice saying “no, no we are not done” and i blink and suddenly im back in my bed feeling like i woke up again. I hear my mom in the living room so i go to her and she is in the couch putting on her sweater to go somewhere. I asked where she was going and she said she was getting chocolate and i asked why are u getting chocolate in the middle of the night and thats when she started melting and i turn around and see a man in the darkness of the room giggling. I wake up once again (in my dream) and right away i felt a hand going straight to my neck and was getting choked for about 3 seconds before actually waking up and it was over. It was definitely the weirdest and scariest dream. It was as if i was in the matrix but owned by demons.


The dream lasted A WHILE. This description makes it seem like it isnt that long. There was tons of little details i didnt talk about because of the word number restriction of this website

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Dreaming of voices speaking to you in your dreams is an early sign of schizophrenia.  See a psychologist.

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