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Can a Bo (martial art weapon) that is made of steel kill a person wearing Medieval armor.?

Even if the person was wearing any sort of heavy duty armor wouldn't the Bo still inflict a lot of damage towards the person wearing armor due to blunt force trauma? I'm just theorizing.

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    ever see what a mace or war hammer do?

    it would pretty much do similar damage. depending on weight and thickness, and of course how the weapon is being used.

  • Bon
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    10 months ago

    The term medieval armor is too broad. The medieval period spanned 1000 years and the types of armor worn evolved through several type from simple mail coat to plate armor that covered a person from head to toe.

    Blunt force trauma is not going to happen with something like plate armor. First, that's why they were invented. Even today's ballistic armor incorporate some sort of plating (usually ceramic or other synthetic material) to protect against blunt force trauma that is going to happen if a bullet hits a wearer of Kevlar.

    Even someone wearing a mail coat will (if they are smart) wear some sort of paddings underneath the mail.

    To defeat any kind of armor, you need to concentrate the most energy of the strike against the smallest area of contact. This is why a sharp blade or a harden point is used in combat. It concentrates the energy to strike on the point or edge of the weapon. This also why a small caliber bullet travelling very fast has a better chance of defeating ballistic armor than a slow larger caliber round.

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    10 months ago

    i would hope not

  • 10 months ago

    Depends where you're aiming at. I'd aim for the neck area.

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