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Did Canadian TV have US channels back in the 80s and 90s?

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    That would depend on where in Canada you were, and if you used an antenna or cable to get channels.

    Basic cable even in the 70s in most cities in Canada included the major US network channels from the nearest US city in question. As we got into the 80s, many cable packages grew with the addition of US cable channels.

    Example: I was unable to watch the launch of Challenger on it's doomed flight, as the only channel airing it live was CNN, and at that time, in Ottawa, to get CNN, you had to buy a package about basic cable levels. But, within moments of that Shuttle exploding, NBC, etc., went live covering the event and so I could watch those easily.

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    Depending on where you lived in Canada you could get some U.S. tv stations.

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    British are too retarded to understand English.

    The teleprompter had to be invented first.

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    Yeah they did back then

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    Canadians had cable-TV long before the Americans. I can recall seeing it as far back as at least the early 1970's, but it was probably around even longer than that. Americans didn't get cable till at least a decade later. The early days of cable TV were entirely about getting strong signals of US network TV channels from across the border. People used to use the big aerials on the roofs of their houses, but even those had their limitations, especially if you were surrounded by mountains or tall buildings. Cable TV providers put up aerials in empty places, and shared the signals over electrical cable. They found it even improved the signals of local TV stations. Canadians wanted to see American TV channels, but Americans weren't interested in seeing Canadian TV channels, thus the Canadian cable TV system got setup much earlier.

    They rearranged the channels slightly to fit all of the new channels onto the VHF dial, as some channels overlapped with local channels. Then eventually they started getting even more distant signals as satellites started broadcasting to dishes. The cable companies set up the dishes and distributed the signals on the little-used UHF dial, as the VHF dial was limited to 13 channels. UHF had 70 more channels to work with.

    Eventually, you started getting those specialty channels that didn't broadcast except on satellite, which you could only receive if you had your own satellite dish, or you had a cable TV provider.

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    Still do!! Because it goes beyond the 1980s-90s!!

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    Yes, they did, because they use the same standards.

    A lot of cross-border viewing went on.

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    Yes. Anyone close enough could receive off-air broadcasts, such as Windsor and Niagara Falls.

    Cable was carrying us channels in the 80s at least in Winnipeg and thunder bay.

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    Any Canadian that lived close enough to the border with US TV stations could get US channels for as long as those channels existed. It's not like the signals got walled off at the border.

    So, yes. And the 70s and 60s and 50s too.

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    i am not canadian so i dont know

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