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EXCEL help If cell I8 is 29 and cell E5 is 30 and it says to divide by 16 , how does it come to 2.9????

In cell I9,create a formula without using a function that first adds the selected boxed set’s net weight (cell I8) to the packing weight (cell E5), and then divides the value by 16 to show the shipping weight in pounds.


Like how would I write it in excel to get 2.9

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  • Bill-M
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    1 year ago

    If you first Add Cell I8 (29)  and Cell E5 (30)  Then you divide that sum by 16 you will get 3.6875.

    29+30 = 59

    59/16 = 3.6875

    Even if you divide 29/16 first   and 30/16 second and add the results you still get 3.6875.

    With those numbers:  29, 30, and 16,  I don't see how you can get 2.9 With what you have told us.

  • rmm
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    1 year ago


    Results in 3.6875

    Not sure what it needs to get to 2.9?? Different net or packaging weight??

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