Advice on this romantic situation please? *NOTHING JUDGMENTAL OR SARCASTIC PLEASE*?

So I'm 24 and I've only been in serious relationship ever. I'm talking 3 relationships, two lasting over to years. Even moved in with one for over a year. I've never been a party person, I hate going out, don't like drinking or clubbing, and prefer staying at home watching movies, cooking meals, or playing DnD over literally everything.

Here's my dilemma: I'm starting ANOTHER relationship. Only been dating this guy for a month. Worst part? He's my best friend of nearly 8 years. And it gets WORSE. He was one of my serious relationships before. But I don't want to date him anymore. He's jealous, and boring, and hates it when I go out and play DnD with friends (a group of nerdy guys I've known for YEARS). Worse than that, he makes me feel awfully sad about wanting to come over to his house and just watch a movie or play videogames.

Not he's not a party guy, but he was back in the day. And I don't blame him for not letting me inside, because he lives with his Mom and she doesn't like people coming in. But he makes me feel so guilty when I hang out with my DnD group. We don't wants play DnD, sometimes we play For The King, or Mario Kart, but still. It's just fun and I hate feeling bad about it when he gets sad and jealous.

What should I do? Should I ditch stupid relationships and just have fun? Should I not worry about it? Am I over reacting? HELP

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  • Foofa
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    8 months ago
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    There's a reason you broke up with him the first time and this is just a revisitation of that. Your friendship apparently survived that breakup so it'll probably survive another. Just because two people have enough in common to be friends doesn't mean they have enough in common to be committed romantic partners. You don't have to ditch relationships...maybe just try someone new and stop going back to the same well time and time again expecting different results.

  • 8 months ago

    If he has to act like an eight year old, then why are you bothering with him. He obviously makes you feel uncomfortable. This isn't how a boyfriend ought to behave, IMO.

  • blank
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    8 months ago

    I'd respectuflly suggest you read the second paragraph you wrote - but assume someone else wrote that and you were reading someone else's situation.

    Then ask yourself:  what would YOU say to that person who wrote it?

    So much negativity ... this is worse than the worse and that isn't even the worst.  Not to mention "But I don't want to date him anymore."   What MORE could anyone say (that is not judgemental or sarcastic)?

    Sounds like you are just not ready to be in any serious relationship and have just admitted to the entire Y!A community that fact - but are not willing to admit it to yourself perhaps?  It is totally okay to NOT be in a relationship.

    Think you already know the answer and just need to act on it.  Just be as kind as you can when you end it.

    Best of luck to you and happy gaming!

  • Layne
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    8 months ago

    You could always tell him what you are doing and tell him "Can we talk"?   Ask what he is doing and what he feels.  Like mature adults.  Come to some sort of agreement.  If you know that this can't be fixed, at least you know why and what you can offer from this point foward.  You have a right to have a good life and one that fits your style.  If you kept molding your style to everyone you will please no one.  So please,  go that route and see what happens.  It is the best way, okay?  Blessings my friend and Happy Holidays.  I am glad not to be snarky or condescending.  Please try that.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    How can anyone give advice without making some kind of judgement?

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    my problem with dnd is that it can last for literally 8 HOURS. I can see why he'd act like that...

    why not date a nerdy guy in your dnd group then?

    (would also like to know how you went from being 21 to 25 (24???) in 2 months...)

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