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Should you confront someone who is being on and off with you?

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    DO something. We all can make mistakes, and be rude, or insensitive, but if you feel someone is mistreating you back away. There has to be both giving and taking. If you are doing most of the taking, not good. I had a co-worker, who looked at me as a if nothing better is going on, she then would check with me. it got to the point I found out. And I told her goodbye. In today's generation lingo, friend or lover He is just not that into you. Sometimes its not a bad thing, two people meet that happen to need the same thing at that time, usually companionship, intimacy, and we sometimes settle for not mr. or mrs right but OK for now. but it usually does not last for more then a few weeks or months. Then we have to move on. Hope this helps

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    There is no 'should'. Confront them if you think you have something to gain from it, or don't if you don't think so.

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