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do department chairs and deans actually read student evaluation forms for instructors?

If the instructor is underperforming, is it better to bring it up to dept directly rather than put it on the form?

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  • martin
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    3 weeks ago

    It's much better to go in person to the department head and talk about a teacher who appears to be doing something wrong. An in-person appearance is much more trustworthy than a form.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Chairs might. They have to do an annual evaluation of each faculty member. Some take student comments more seriously than others. The evaluation forms are also submitted when the faculty member applies for tenure and promotion.

    The main problem is that the professor one student hates may be loved by other students. And the comments are often contradictory. I've had comments on the evaluation form for the same class saying I responded to email immediately, while one student said I didn't respond to email. 

    If a professor is doing something systematically that you think is wrong, the best thing is to get some other students who agree to go with you to talk to the Chair. That would show that it's not just one disgruntled student. Legitimate complaints include the teacher missing class a lot, or assigning things that are not on the syllabus, or making changes to assignments at the last minute. 

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