I'm trying to find practice questions on how to deduce a new transformed function from a graph but am having no luck. Anyone know of more?

Graphing the new transformed and translated function onto a graph is really easy; however, deducing the new transformed and translated function straight from looking at the graph is trickier, at least in my opinion. My teacher provided us only one type of these questions and then did it extremely quickly, leaving me lost. I asked my teacher for my examples of this question that I could work on at home but she said she did not have any more and to look online as she is sure there is more on the internet. I took a look and I can only find practice questions on how to graph the new transformed and translated function, and not the other way around like I need. Or, if there is practice questions on this particular problem, they're extremely easy with only one transformation when I'm looking for practice questions that involve both transformations (horizontal/vertical compressions/expansions) and both translations (right/left and up/down). I understand that what I'm looking for is quite specific so I'd also understand if you can't find me or know of any of these particular questions. THANKS ANYWAYS and BLESS YOUR SOUL if you find any for me!!

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