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How do you handel turbulence when flying to Denver?

I am going to fly from Portland Oregon to Denver Colorado in 3 weeks. However I have an extreme fear of flying? Even thinking about the flight makes my stomach churn. But since I am flying to Denver, I am going to pass over the rockies. I have heard from many people that flying over the Rockies into Denver is very turbulent. I was even scared when I flew from Portland to Orlando and the was only a few bumps and small shakes. And even then I was clinging to my husband's arm and hyperventilating. I have tried to take pills for it but they only make it slightly less bad. And I am going to be on the plane at night for this trip. What am i gonna do? I refuse to have a nervous breakdown on the plane. And the statistics don't help me. What on earth can I possibly do? 

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    Sometimes there is turbulence and other times not. It's usually not that bad flying in and out of here. You might try a fear of flying course for techniques to help. Try taking slow deep breaths if you get anxious.

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      I will try that. Thank you for the answer

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    You handle turbulence on a flight to Denver just as you handle it on a flight to Las Vegas, Vancouver or Dublin. It might happen, it might not. Be sure your seat belt is always fastened, and if turbulence does occur, breathe in deeply then OUT as slowly and as hard as you can. Physically pushing your belly outwards as you breathe out is a wonderful relaxant. .

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    If you have an extreme fear of flying, then you need to see a professional therapist to help you get over your fear. But then if you really do have an extreme fear of flying, you wouldn't be flying in 3 weeks.

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    You should probably consult a doctor before flying then, as they may be able to prescribe you something so that you can relax during your flight.  You might also consider flying to an airport outside of Detroit and then calling for an Uber to bring you the rest of the way, or taking a bus.


    In my own experience, and mind you I've only flown into Denver once, the trip wasn't at all as bad as you describe.  But different people have different levels of sensitivity.

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    I take the train, the bus, or drive. Edit: Then pray to the Messiah (sorry ... "handel" created this joke).  Maybe get a better relaxant from your doctor?  Headphones with your favorite music?  Pretend you are on a wild roller coaster ride (?)  Sometimes a little therapy re "fear of flying" helps.

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