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I had a crush when i was 14 for a 16-year-old boy in my school - he didn't like me so nothing happened at that time, we never went out, we just had a couple of friends in common, but we never talked that much, only 'hey, how are you?'  when we saw each other in person. 10 years later, now i m with 24 and he is with 26, we started talking on Instagram, not every day, but i send him some messages, he sent me some messages, and we decided to go out of dinner. He was very nice, pick me up from home after his work, drop-me at home ( and because he insisted, i told him i was fine catching an uber, because the restaurant was closer to his place), anyway it was a very nice night and during dinner he was saying that we should go to x place other time, so i had the feeling we will be going out again soon. When we arrive at my place, i told him to text me when he arrive home, he didn't, so the next day i text him 'hey, did you arrive? 'and he said that he completely forgot, and said sorry, i reply, he saw the message and didn't text me back. During dinner, he told me he didn't care much about his phone, not even to text his family, so I'm in doubt if is interest or not, what do you think ? 

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  • 8 months ago

    Never EVER text a guy after a date... if he didn't text you, he didn't. Don't look all that available.

    If he's interested, you'll hear from him. Meanwhile, keep your options open. You have to realize he's not the only guy on earth. There are millions of guys out there. Might as well date around.

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