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How do I handle awkward situation?

My daughter and my best friend have recently started dating. I’m not happy about it. I’ve told her I’m not happy. I had a bit of a fight with my friend about it. But she’s 17 and I have no say in who she dates. She spends 1 or 2 nights a week at his place. She wants to spend more time with him - she wants him to stay at our place. I really don’t want that to happen though. But what if I say no and she ends up moving in with him?

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    8 months ago

    As long as she lives under your roof, you DO have a say in who she dates. Your friend is a disgusting pervert for preying on a 17 year old. She's just a child. He needs to respect you and leave her alone. He's only with her for sex anyway. 

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