As the population increases, should the power of all the prayers increase?

Or maybe as population increases, the Satanic prayers counteract good prayers. 🤔

Buddha Christ help me: What say ye?


Sorry. That was bigoted. Maybe some Satanists pray for equality, counteracting people praying for inequality.

Update 2:

Maybe my question is too vague: Shouldn't the power of all the prayer increase and then stamp out bad things? (if you believe in the concept of "power of prayer")

Update 3:

Disciple Dave, your answer is ghosted. It's the link in your answer. Sorry, but you gotta remove it to have your answer show up. Deactivate the link, break up the dotcom.

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    increase or decrease, whatever ! if the will of God is one thing, and the will of men, even by a majority, says another, it will be the will of God that prevails. if there is power in collective prayer, of which i think you are asking, than Satan is winning. even the statement that Christ himself is giving up dominion unto satan. it would also account for how much ability satan has to influence the way men act and behave.

    still again, no one has collective power more than God. and the Godhead is a collective legal authority and Power. and if one is talking about Real Power, by the strength of the sword, heaven has much more of an army of priest and gods and deities that even if it were possible to have an army of a 100 billion satan worshipers, i would think the vision of Elisha would out number those on earth.

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      DiscipleDave understood it, too. But he won't update his answer to remove his link.

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    You forget Christ saves an individual in a crowd an deal with him or her as such.....God only wants two things from us and that is worship him and keep his commandments and the greatest is John 3:16 so I salvation is offered threw the act of being born again experience in the act of being Baptize for as we were born from our Mother in water, Christ offer us the gift of eternal life through water for by Genesis 1:2 God breathed his Holy Spirit upon the waters and to prove this Jesus walked on the water and we can become powerful in God's Spirit to work the gifts for God as we Pray looks upon the intent of our heart for you, as a Child of God can heal the sick, cast out devils and raise the takes a friend, take the tongues, and it take s a seeking heart....

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    Are you retarded?

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    No, zero times any value remains zero.

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