Is a girl sitting on a boys lap inherently sexual/romantic or can it just be for friends?

So i'm a boy. and i have autism/adhd which makes this even more difficult for me to analyze. when i was younger i had a girl sit on my lap fetish cuz i love girls booties. and know some girls like to sit on there guy friend lap just friendly. i was being a horny little dude and kinda wanted to take advantage of that (i feel guilty for that and i know that was wrong)

i hear it can be just friendly non sexual and alot of people do this. alot of teenage boy and girls who are kinda diffrent maybe idk and there just friends and buddies, maybe in emo culture or something, and they do this and it has no romantic or sexual overtones.

i also hear it might give the dude testosterone boost by feeling her butt on his lap.

dose the girl feel estrogen making her booty bigger as well? thats a theory i thought of.

so anyways, can it just be friendly?

and what are the chances of the guy or girl feeling hormonal?

3 Answers

  • 8 months ago

    friends don't do stuff like that. That's way too close for comfort.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    Yes. The close proximity of genitals

    in a lap sitting is beyond friendly. 

    What do you think you love booties for? Analyze that. 

    No, butts aren’t genitals. Genitals reside close to butts.

    • izzy8 months agoReport

      r butts genitals

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  • 8 months ago

    Everything is messed up when it comes to boys, girls and relationships. So don't overthink it.

    • izzy8 months agoReport

      i have adhd so im gonna overthink it

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