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If a manager in my store grabs me by the arm, then pulls and pushes me, can I sue him?

I was working in a supermarket when this happened. One day it was a bit busy, and I 

was working as a bagger. There was this 

cashier who was causing me trouble.  I had 

come back into the store from taking an order 

out for a customer.   I wanted to avoid this cashier, so I stood looking through the window

To see what register she was on.  One of the managers came up behind me yelling for me to get back to work.   He grabbed me by the right arm, and proceeded to pull me over to a cash register. Then he angrily shoved me, and told me to get back to work.  Did he have a legal right to do this? Can I sue him?

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    Not at this late date. You could have called the police immediately and claimed he assaulted you - and he did, no one has the right to put their hands on you. You'd be out of a job, of course, but you could have done something about it then. Not now.

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    You don't have a legitimate case. In fact, you could have simply been FIRED for even trying to avoid bagging at the register you were assigned. If you have an issue with a cashier, the ONLY acceptable action is to SEEK OUT management and talk to them about the issue.

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    What he did was assault. You can pursue it via the police if you want to.

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    Generally speaking if it was less than 2 years ago,then yes.

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    You can sue for anything so yes. The better question is do you have anything to sue for and will you win is a totally different question.

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