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Can you two find a way to work things out and get along? Do you need an impartial mediator?

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    2 weeks ago

    No but thanks for sharing

  • Anonymous
    2 weeks ago

    An impartial predator tends to work better

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    4 weeks ago

    i bet you like to smell bicycle seats

  • Jake
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    4 weeks ago

    The Virgin Mary is our Mediatrix, Advocate and Co-Redemptrix. It is good to honor Mary every day by reciting the rosary with care and sincerity.

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    when it comes to war, mankind should renounce it, altogether, even with diplomacy and ambassadors seeking peace. however, in the case of muslim Jihad, there usually is no way to find mediation nor diplomacy from the dictates of the words of the Koran. IMO. you have to convert muslims away from the Koran and at least recongnise the bible is more true about Jesus than the Koran ever was. and if you are going to debate and dispute which book is perfectly preserved, Neither of them are ! its easy to find lectures from Jay Smith about the historicity of the koran and Islam and you will find the same rebukes from Muslims to Christians about the bible. if you want to know how much the Bible is NOT preserved. a person can read the book of mormon 1Nephi 13-14 to know that angel declared in prophecy that the abominable church takes out plain and precious things from the bible even though there are scholars that say they have thousands of fragments and gospels that they were able to rebuild the entire bible. but then, you have to find out what their sources are. their sources only go back to 400 a.d.

    there is no mediation between christian and muslim holy books because both teach their books are perfectly preserved.

    the only way to know the truth is to Ask of God and get divine personal revelation.

    but there also needs to be a world that does away with blasphemy laws under the control of muslims and never let an atheist rule or a satan worshiper rule, because neither Christians Jews or muslims will be allowed to live in peace. or without genocide. that said Satan himself will lead his people to kill jews and Christians by the muslims and atheists. See the writings of Gen Albert PIKE. so, one type of answer to peace living together is to agree with the rights of freedom of choice, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech and freedom of religion. without death penalties, and especially without harming or hurting anyone.

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    If you're referring to me and my ex, no, we can't. She refused all marriage counseling and played mind games when she did consent to go.

  • No mediation is possible. Rufus T. Firefly has taken my behavior toward the trolls and disruptors here on Yahoo as personal abuse. ironically, while calling me a narcissist, he has proven himself to be one. He's made my campaign to try and save Yahoo! Answers all about him, thus justifying his betrayal of my confidence.

    Just ask him. Or wait until he comments under my answer to tell me what a lying sack of shΓ­t and emotional blackmailer I am. The worst part is, he has put the Yahoo accounts of several people at risk with his actions.

    All because he couldn't handle the fact that I had a second persona on this website. That's how much of a control freak he's totally not.

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    Why are some allowed to be smart and pretty with friends and others like me are ugly, thick and have no friends? Why does God do this?

  • Sometimes we do. While at other times..? My sister takes on the role of mediator. She's gotten VERY wicked good at it, though the years...Β 

    Source(s): I've got a strong temper. My mom has got a strong temper. We have also got very different values and takes on things, and a lot of old patterns dating from literally decades back... Sometimes? We collide like an atomic explosion. But we really still love each other, too. :)
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