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If a girl holds you with all the strength she has preventing you from possibly falling, does it mean she loves you?

You're doing repairs on the 11th floor. She sees you without having on protection of any kind, and she panics and comes to hug you from the waist, like a human belt, holding you as tight as she can, til you're dona with the job, which means almost and hour holding you. At the end her arms hurt and she has no more strength and she cries because she has had images of you falling and killed on the sidewalk. Does it mean she loves you or it's just affection?

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    I find this hard to believe here

    I'm assuming you mean your working on a highrise building on the exterior of it, so how would she be able to climb UP 11 floors on the outside of a building to get you, without any equipment or safety gear? Also how would she be able to hold onto you with both arms and not be able to grip the building? This just doesn't add up whatsoever!

    Also, your company would NOT allow you to work without the proper safety gear, they would have all that equipment on site for you to use! This story just doesn't add up, and seems like its based in fantasyland, not reality.

    Now lets say a girl saw you in danger, and she tried to save you, it would mean she cares about you, and wouldn't want to see any harm or death come to you.

    If your going to make up a story, next time make it believable!

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    i think she does.. you're lucky mate

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