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Dreaming of dismembered body parts. ?

In my dream there was dismembered body parts. They were only the hands and feet of two people and not far from those I found 2 torsos. it was in the front yard of a house I used to live it. There was no emotion tied to my findings in the dream. Anyone know what it could symbolize? 

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    8 months ago

    To dream about dead bodies implies that you are feeling detached from those around you. It may also mean that you are feeling emotionally drained.

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  • 8 months ago

    The "lack of emotion" is the key to understanding this dream. You are looking at death, and not just one person by two people, and all you chose to see is body parts.  Where is the empathy, or curiosity to find out who and why this happened?  The next thing to do is look to your own real Life and ask yourself who is in dire straits and needs help?  Will you just watch that person be torn from limb to limb without FEELING any compassion, sympathy or empathy?  

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