Is it better to have the Wife make more Money by design?

With more women wanting the big paying jobs, does this actually help men get back to their family?

So the trick is, get her into a demanding high-paying job. Become the stay-at-home dad. She will divorce you because much more successful men will be eventual interest. 

When it comes to divorce time, get a good female attorney who can force the Ex Wife to pay all the child support and force the dad to be the custodial parent always being with the kids. Go after her pension and retirement. Sit on the back porch of the home she is paying for, while she goes and finds her own home or new boyfriend, and sit margaritas after the kids empty nest...

That seems like the way these days. Avoid college and don’t run up debts. Let the women do it all, reverse cowboy, but for keeps and paying you for a living. 

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  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    Except that in the parts of the world where people actually want to live it takes both spouses with "big paying jobs" to support a reasonable standard of living with kids. There's no reason to bother getting married at all if your plan is to wind up an impoverished single parent. That's certainly something you can manage without ruining someone else's life.

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  • 8 months ago

    Fathers who cherish being the custodial parent and are good at it and can run a safe, educational and joyful home are far and few between but if they can pull it off well and the courts agree, there is nothing wrong with it. Few fathers actually fight for that. It's not unheard of.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    There must be a reason for your bitterness.  Whatever it is, I'm sorry you went through whatever you want through.

    I have always had the higher income in my marriage.  It didn't involve any "tricks" on the part of my husband, nor did it involve any "tricks" on my part.  My husband works from home so I suppose he technically is a "stay at home" dad.

    Female attorneys, incidentally, have no more and no less power than male attorneys.

    As a well employed female (which I realize aggravates you) what would a man like you POSSIBLY offer me?  Why would I date, let alone marry, you to begin with.

    Avoid college?  Well, that does qualify you to be a stay at home dad, envious of women with advanced degrees.

    EDIT:  I do realize that there is no college education involved in your question.  "There is a couple of guys working on a sex doll face that can upload to a generic clear head that can project any girl’s face you have a picture of on the sex doll’s face."  There is?

    • Quincy8 months agoReport

      Your husband is a simp. How funny. I guess that makes you the slave owner. Congratulations on your capture. How many orbiters do you have anyways?

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