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people think I'm a pedofile and I don't know what to do?

I seem to have a skill at communicating with younger children I can make them laugh smile etc.. But I never once thought to myself at work how this would look, I never once questioned before hand if I was a pedofile, I never had intrusive thoughts about pedofilia, I've never committed a crime or sexual assualt, infact i am 20 and haven't lost my virginity but I am working on my skills with girls (MY ******* AGE) and older depending on what I'm into. But I have never once thought to myself am I a pedofile until many people on a drunken night out accused me of it in a game. I feel so sick to the stomach and I notice I do glance at younger girls, and by the way, they are not crazy young, and I honestly believe it is just paranoia/mild ocd/habitual fear as a result of that discovery of what people thought. I know for 100 percent fact I am not a pedofile, but the intrusive thoughts and the destructive scare mongering and idea that if this got out in some horrible nasty way I could never escape from it. I stop communicating with kids now and don't even look at them incase people think of it of me. But surely now that looks worse?? What should I do? If I seek professional help they'll get me gone the second I'm in there.. Anyone else been and escaped this situation?? 

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    You know you strike me as being a very "kind person" who up to now has been friends with everyone.  But these freaks who made fun of you really hurt you by putting thoughts into your mind which were never there to begin with.  I don't think it is a good idea to stop greeting or being with kids.  If children like you, then it says a a whole lot about your character. Ignore these evil people, and go back to dealing with Life as you were before.  As Life goes by, you will encounter other people who are not living a happy Life like you, and they will try to put you down, as it makes them seem bigger and more important.  Take care of yourself and be aware of these freaky, creepy types of people who would try to ruin your name.  If you need to talk to someone about this, then find a good counselor, but screen them as you would screen any other people from now on.  Only the good people get to be your friend, and I am one of them!!  

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    Well, you go to therapy to understand why this experience is causing you a head trip. If someone says, don't think of little girls, you (or anyone else) is going to think of little goals. I think that's what you're probably experiencing. If you're not a pedophile and no adult or parent has complained or pulled their kid nervously away from you, then don't worry about what drunken idiots think; they're probably saying more about themselves than they are about you.

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    The people who think that about you are ignorant bullies who put others down to make themselves feel better about themselves.  They are probably jealous of you because they see what a good husband and father you will be.  :-)

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    No, you’re not a pedo.

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