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Help! My cats hate eachother and the new cat. ?


I have two cats that my partner and I took in as strays when they were very young. They've only met one other cat before this. They are a boy, Shiloh, and a girl, Demara. But I recently took another stray in, a boy. I know cats are territorial and was going to introduce them slowly, but I was at work when the woman who found him came by. Now my two cats that are brother and sister won't come near each other. Shiloh hides under my blanket and Demara sits on top of my partner's recliner. Neither will move and they are super stiff. Shiloh only relaxes when he is hiding under my covers against me and I'm petting him. But he doesn't like my partner petting him and hates his sister. The new cat, Dustball, is in the bathroom with him own litterbox, cat food, toys, and bed. He doesn't care about the new cats and even wants to spend time with them. But now Shiloh and Demara are stiff and won't even move to eat and use the bathroom. 

I don't know what to do to calm them. It's only been a night, but I'm afraid if I let it go on too long I'll be doing some horrible psychological damage to them somehow??? 

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