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Should I tell my mom about this?

I got a part time job as an intern at a computer software company. I am very lucky that I am getting paid as most of my friends that got intern jobs are not getting paid. My boss is a 27 year old single guy that is the greatest looking guy I have ever seen. His is also the greatest boss ever. He spends a lot of time training me.

I brought a picture to work and put it on my desk. My boss ask me who it was. I told him it was my mother. He said “I see where you get your good looks”. “Your mother is gorgeous”. “ She does not look old enough to have a daughter your age”.

Should I tell my mother what my boss said. Moms, would you be interested in what a great looking guy that was 10 years younger said about you?

Also, was my boss hitting on me (oh how I wish)?

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    I think you should tell your Mom, im sure she will take it as a compliment and it will make her feel good :)

    She may question the nature of your relationship with him though, the fact he called you attractive may make her wonder if something is going on between you and him

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    No, he was not hitting on you, he was just admiring your family's good looks. I think you're way overthinking a casual comment. And no, please don't tell your mom or she might think you're trying to start an office romance--always a bad idea. I suspect your mom gets plenty of compliments, so just skip this one.

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