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What are the health effects of working 20 hours a day in high heels? I have a job opportunity but I'm worried about being able to do it.?

I have a job opportunity to work as a personal attendant with a small luxury cruise company. It pays extremely well, but the hours are very, very long. I am required to work from 6am until 2am every day for about three weeks straight, but after that I get a full week off. The major issues I have are the hours (20 hour days a really long) and that they require me to wear 12cm high heels at a times. If I was allowed to sit down it would be different, but it's in my contract that I am required to be on my feet whenever I am working with my clients, which is the entire time I'm on shift. I've been trying to get used to it by standing some 12 hour days in heels, but my feet are aching by the end. I can't imagine how bad another 8 hours might be.

Is this kind of schedule possible to work? What will the effects be on my health, and is there anything I can do to prevent my feet and legs from hurting?? I've attached the example of the shoes they use for their uniform. I could really use this job...

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    Don't do it.  After three days of shifts like that, you will be sleep-deprived to the point that it will be like being drunk.

    Before the three weeks are up, you won't be able to stand or walk.  You will land in a hospital.  Your employer will claim that you broke contract, and won't pay you the promised "extremely well."

    Your hospital bill will eat every dime you made and then some.

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    So what's the odds on this being a foot fetishist like most of the people posting stuff about long hours in high heels?

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    I have a hard time believing you're required to wear heels that high. This can cause back issues and bone spurs in the arches of the foot. Not to mention total discomfort on a daily basis.

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    I don't know where you are but those hours are illegal in Western Countries, and as for those shoes, you will cripple your feet and damage  your back. They should be reported to Health & Safety.

    Presume the company is owned by a man looking for eye candy for  his clients.

    Have some respect for yourself.

    Refuse the job and report them.

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