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Is My Rat Having Separation Anxiety? ?

R1(Rat 1)

R2(Rat 2)


A while back I got R1 and I had her for a couple months before I got R2.

When I got R2 she was malnourished had/has signs/scars of/from abuse and was in a cage full of other rats.

When I brought her home, I quarantined her just Incase she was sick, however I couldn’t keep her away from R1. R2 managed to escape every time, so despite my efforts I decided to introduce them to each other. They bonded and have been buddies ever since.

(Current situation)

 R2 has an mysterious injury to her tail so until Monday when I can take her to the vet, I have her quarantined for her safety  but she was freaking out and now she’s been grooming for 15-20 minuets now and is still going. 

Does she have separation anxiety, and should I let them remain together?

(Photo of them sleeping 😭😭😭)

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  • Nathan
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    Rats do not like to be alone. They are a social animal, and Will die after becoming depressed and stress out due to all the medical issues they will then be prone to. 

    The cut in her tail is most likely from her and R1 having a small argument (which is normal), do not separate them!

    Please make sure they both have 2 cubic feet of space each, and I suggest adopting a pair (never buy just one day because if they don't get along with your current rate you'll have to keep buying/adopting more you'll have a massive problem) so that none of them and up alone again.

    • Rat8 months agoReport

      Thank you! I I got a huge cage but didn’t realized the bars were big enough for them to squeeze through. They usually climb out of the big cage and lay on it, or go inside the small one with all their old toys lol.

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  • 8 months ago

    I would let them stay together, If R2 has any thing contagious, R1 already is exposed.

    They need their companionship.

    See what the vet has to say and go from there.

    Rats constantly groom, maybe more than cats, that tail they really try to keep clean.

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