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Is a child get afraid when you walk up to them?

I read this online. What do you think

Children fear us. We are bigger then them. Stronger then them are have total authority over them. When a small child walks up to us, the look up at us and it scares them because of how tall we look. Also they think that they must listen to us because we are weaker and smaller then us.

We need to get down on their eye level So we do not send them the wrong message. Children are smaller. But should not feel small when we talk to them. Being on the child’s level also puts you on an even playing field and you can see how the world looks to your child. Some things look a lot different if you are looking at it from a small child’s height.


Come to think of it. I think the same thing. A child if 2-3 feet tall and we are towering over them at 5-6 feet. About dubbed  their height. We look down at them and tell them what to do. And if they want to tell us something. They yell up at us. That must be scary. 

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  • edward
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    8 months ago

    Kids fear strangers when mom and dad aren’t around. Accurate. I absolutely get down on my kids level but it doesn’t mean he’ll stop ramming his entire body into my leg when i get home. I talk to him like a normal person, not like he’s stupid. I talk to him in full sentences and i use normal words not baby words

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    WTF? Just simply WTF are you on about? This sounds like something a pedophile would say. Why are you so obsessed with little children? Children should absolutely fear strangers who are creepy as F***. That fear is a natural instinct when exposed to creepy old men.

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