Why do people not understand governments job is not to do business but serve people by regulating business companies for better service?

Minimalistic government with free market economy that promotes equality is the best.


The rich elite controlling the masses is correct only in your Sino-Russian Islamic terrorist despotic societies. In Christian egalitarian public shared economies of the west that started with Evangelical Christian Dutch there are of course rich elites, but the poor don't struggle because of the egalitarianism based on Christian teachings and freemarket public shared economy that actually works. -

Update 2:

This has been also implemented in Japan, Taiwan , Hong Kong , South Korea, Singapore etc. in last 70 years with 100% success. So come out of your retarded communist lies created by Jesuits to fool the ignorant into self destruction and trust in truth and reality enshrined in the holy scriptures God's Eternal Word (Holy Bible) for salvation of all mankind who will trust in Lord Jesus Christ,-

Update 3:

- which led to the development of egalitarian public shared economies that developed after the Christian revolution /reformation in Europe begining with the Dutch. May God bless all to see the truth and reality and escape the lies of Mystery Babylon which are Catholic/Orthodox idolatry, atheistic evolution,feminism and Communism.

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  • 8 months ago

    You are off base.

    The Business of Government, is to do the projects that the individuals are unable to, at the direction of the people.

    Being elected or hired, does not give a person a "Mandate to do as they please".

    Prime is To protect the citizens from aggression, incursion, and scammers.

    Anything else is the persons' in Power, expanding their Power for their benefit their own wealth.

    Examine politicians who enter office poor, and are now millionaires on their government salary. Terms of office, with 3+ consecutive reelections forming a Dynasty. The longer in office the more opportunities for corruption. Some may not even realize how corrupt they have become. Believing it to be business as usual.

    No consecutive Terms for any elected official.

    No more than five years in any Management level of hired Civil Servants, then they must move on to a different department.

    No Pensions for Elected Officials due to their elected position(s).

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