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Switching off formula? ?

My baby is 10 days old and we had to supplement formula for him per medical advice when we had to get his phototherapy done for high bilirubin levels but I am producing more milk now and want to get him off the formula. I have a breast pump coming so I figured that would help me since I can pump and then stock up on my milk. Since he is used to a bottle I guess it would be a good idea to keep the bottle going when I switch, correct? How should I do this? I won't have the pump for about a week or two so he will have formula for a little longer. Is it hard to switch off formula? What should I be prepared for? I know it will help his poopies more but what else can I expect? Thanks in advance. I have really beaten myself up for ever giving into the medical advice to give him formula but I know it helped him gain some more weight. I even cried over it because I had higher expectations than what reality was. 


I want to mention I do get him to latch onto my breasts throughout the day but it's really hard to stick with the breastfeeding via breast which is why I mentioned the breast pump because I feel like that will make it easier for me to give him strictly breast milk even if it is via bottle. 

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    Not sure why you're crying... what does that ever fix? Just do the best you can. That's what all us Moms do out here.

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    The problem is not with formula versus breast milk, but the nipple on the bottle, which allows a faster flow of milk, Babies who get used to that get frustrated with the weaker flow from the breast. Can you at least try getting him on the breast now? Stay with it for awhile, then give him the bottle.  Yes, I guess you can pump and use a bottle, but it's a shame. It's such a bonding experience to breast feed. 

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      And there's absolutely NO OTHER WAY in the entire world to bond with your baby. Lol, give me a break.

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