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What's the best part about uviersal health care?

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    a)  Everyone can have access without high costs whereas in the US the cost of healthcare is extremely high and many have no access at all.

    b)  Even with private healthcare insurance, the cost to the individual are minimal. Private health insurance just means that they can have elective surgery operations in private hospitals more quickly than in public hospitals. Emergency treatment and  surgery is always quickly available no matter whether a person has health insurance or not.

    c)  In Australia, if a person is on a pension (unemployment, old age, disability, war veteran etc), the cost is nothing for a hospital visit or stay and minimal cost for medicines ($A6.50) per prescription until they reach a certain limit per year then it becomes free for the rest of the year.

    d)  Yes, it means slightly higher taxes. In Australia we pay a small percentage of our yearly income, after deductions, for medicare levy. That is calculated when we do out tax returns each year.

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    It costs less than non-universal health care, but produces the same results or better.

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    Roughly half of all bankruptcies declared in the US are caused by a medical issue.  Countries with single payer healthcare don't have medically-related bankruptcies.  

    My wife just had an appendectomy.  I got a bill for $1800 after insurance.  I called and asked if I would be receiving another bills and was told no.  Today I received another bill for $180.  I have already paid some lab and other bills that were under $100.  The bills are like cockroaches, they just don't seem to end.  Single payer would mean single bill, if there are any additional charges. 

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    The part where the courts decide that it's in your best interest to be euthanized against your will.

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    4 weeks ago

    It's not as expensive as capitalist healthcare.

    And we wouldn't see all those annoying prescription drug commercials on tv pushed by the pharmaceutical companies.

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    we don't have it...

  • The Healthcare part 

    The bad part is longer lines 

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