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Why do we dream.we are around people who treat us unfairly, but it's the way you wanted things to go, and places you hated but go back?

I sometimes dream.Im back as a child in houses I lived in but left suddenly without wanting to.

Or a job I hated but I dream I go back?

Or I'm with family I hate?

Please explain all three if possible. Thanks!


I mean I'm back living in houses I grew up in.

Do I miss them or it was unresolved?

As a kid you really have no say in things like moving.

How about like if I hated being someplace but in the dream I go back and it's different now?

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    Your dreams are an attempt to fix things that went wrong for you in the past.  You face the problems now that you are older.  You may not be able to fix the problem, but at least you are trying to deal with it, and cope with the Life you lived through when you were younger.  It is an attempt to make sense of the crap that happened to you years ago.  You may never have "the answer"  but it does seem as if you are seeking  and searching for the answer.  At some point you will know is is time to release the past and move on into the present time, with high hopes for your future. 

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    Our dreams are a product of our subconscious mind and if you think about it, and recall your dreams, you're going to notice most of them have negative connotations.

    Dreams bring out our fears much of the time or present problematic scenarios. These dreams give us the opportunity to think about what we might do if these situations presented themselves in our reality. Of course, most are so bizarre, that i doubt the exact things could ever happen in our daily lives.

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