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why would the crank shaft seal start leaking if ran a leaf blower with very lean 2 cycle fuel?

I ran my leaf blower for quite a long time with 2 cycle fuel that did not have the recommended amount of 2 cycle oil. and i didnt know that but realized when the engine kind of started backfiring etc. that i maybe had been running 2 cycle fuel in it that was about 1/3 less oil than recommended. I have used the leaf blower regardless and the engine still runs fine (after correcting the fuel) , but the crank shaft seal is leaking. why this might have happened and how likely just replacing the crank shaft seal will solve the problem?

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    Engine run hot and broke the seal.  Keep it simple.  Replace the seal and see if it fixes the issue.  If not, get another blower.

    Update:  The seal is broken.  Do not waste your time thinking why it broke.  That stuff is for engineers to figure out.  I am just a lowly mechanic.  Fix the blower or buy a new one and move on.

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      is it true what Don R said below that the seal actually maybe got ground and worn out due to lack of oil? how possible?

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  • 8 months ago

    Oil lubricates the crank seal, so lack of oil let it grind and wear out. Replace the seal.

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