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What if the results of the 2019 UK General Election are similar to the 2017 GE?

The Tories win but no majority.

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  • Ludwig
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    8 months ago

    Won't happen.

    Two spanners thrown into the works:

    1) Corbyn's clowns.

    2) The Brexit party campaigning in every non tory held constituency.

    Traditional 'red' Labour heartlands like the South Wales Valleys, were also heartlands for Oswald Mosley's people, though they never achieved election majorities. The Communist enclaves of the upper mining valleys were bolshie, and Stalinist to the core. They were not liberal in outlook. The current attitude of people in similar areas of the country (and take a look at an atlas, see for yourself where and what London and the South East are and where the rest of the country lives) - is largely united. We all earn £8.21 per hour. This applies to call-centre workers. Cleaners. Supermarket staff, warehouse staff, you name it. THE MINIMUM WAGE HAS BECOME THE MAXIMUM WAGE, as we were warned by certain politicians. And until we leave the EU, this will continue. Meanwhile, the arrogant nonsense that 'the foreign labour force does the work that the UK lower classes are 'too lazy' to do" is parroted by people who need to be shot. But I have heard it picked up and repeated by Polish laborers who delight in insulting British people who are not white, because they are not used to seeing such people in Eastern Europe. This country is going to boil, sooner or later. Maybe not while I am still of working age but it is going to shock a certain strata of society when it does.

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