Why did Buster Keaton never smile in his movies?

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  • 8 months ago
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    That was part of his "Character"

    Film critic David Thomson later described Keaton's style of comedy: "Buster plainly is a man inclined towards a belief in nothing but mathematics and absurdity ... like a number that has always been searching for the right equation. 

    Look at his face—as beautiful but as inhuman as a butterfly—and you see that utter failure to identify sentiment."[49] 

    Gilberto Perez commented on "Keaton's genius as an actor to keep a face so nearly deadpan 

    and yet render it, by subtle inflections, so vividly expressive of inner life. 

    His large, deep eyes are the most eloquent feature; with merely a stare, he can convey a wide range of emotions, from longing to mistrust, from puzzlement to sorrow."[50] Critic Anthony Lane also noted Keaton's body language: 

    watch this documentary on him


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