first day work, help me?

This is my first work, I'm nervous that I don't know what to do in first day, can I assume I have an orientation or none? any tips for new worker in an office setup.

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  • Kyle
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    8 months ago
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    it's natural to be nervous.  you don't know what to expect.  in my job, i met with HR and did orientation, was showed my desk, got my laptop set up, met my coworkers, talked with my boss, and did other basic stuff.  my job is inside sales so i didn't get real training until the following month in sales kick off and in our HQ.  so a lot was learning from my other sales executives that i support.  

    ask questions if you aren't sure.  don't guess or make assumptions.  always get clarification.  

    get a good nights sleep and eat breakfast in the morning.  pack a lunch and bring it with you.  most office places have a break room and a fridge to put stuff in.  

    bring a notepad if you need to take notes and write things down.  

    it's day one, so not much may happen.  so don't go in with super high expectations except just learning what they do expect from you going forward.  

    you'll be fine.  i always get nervous leading up to big events like interviews or my first day, but when i'm there, it's fine and normal.  good luck!

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  • martin
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    8 months ago

    Usually you will be guided by someone as to what to do. Just work hard and use your judgment as to when to ask questions, if you're not sure.

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