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LATIN - High School?

If are a senior at the high school and you study latin,

WHAT do you study about Latin? 


Sorry, I mean: What do seniors student study about Latin?

Do you study grammar or texts and authors...?

Update 2:

Senior stidents*

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    When I studied Latin at school (UK aged 12 to 16) we did grammar, vocabulary and translations.  The Latin to English translations were mainly Caesar's Gallic wars.  Some were seen, some were unseen.  You never learn to speak Latin.  That would be entirely pointless.  Besides nobody actually knows how the language was spoken.

    More advanced Latin (ages 16-18) involves translating more complex texts; poetry for example.  I had ditched Latin by then but the logic involved in English to Latin translation was extremely useful when I later did a Computer Science degree.

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    When my sister was a senior at her private, all-girls high school in Pennsylvania, she took Latin 3A, which was a very advanced course, consisting of texts and authors. I don't know how she did it, but she got an A in that course. On top of that, she took 3 AP courses that year, and made it on the junior varsity football team of the local public high school in South Jersey.

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    sane as any other language ... first you learn words, then sentence structure, then tenses

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    It's a language. You learn to read it, write it, and speak it.

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    The language .. . .

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    you study the language and how to speak it.

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