how do you get over the fear of seeing harsh words?

there's times i admit that i'm reluctant to read answers to my questions or answers to my comments on youtube in case its someone being out of order with me and they use harsh words at me? putting me down etc.

i'm quick to take offence and i'm easily triggered, so i sometimes don't read my questions or comment replies for days because i'm worried it will be someone being insulting and they might trigger me to lose my temper, then i say something i might regret..

a difficult problem about being online,  how to get over this fear and just read my answers/ comments without a second thought?

for information, i'm a male in my early forties.

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  • Stella
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    8 months ago
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    You're just being too sensitive for this site where anyone can say anything with no fear of consequences.

    If someone leaves you an insulting response just consider that they actually want you to respond in anger.

    So take a minute and don't give them what they seek.

  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    they do it to everybody and are answerable to ALMIGHTY GOD

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