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Should I continue playing basketball?

I'm currently in my last year at school in the UK and I represent my school in badminton and basketball. Badminton is my main sport as I play at a high level. I have played Basketball for the last three years and if I continued this year I would probably be able to receive a color (award) for my commitment. 

I only started playing basketball for the school since three years ago and for the past two years my interest was still pretty high as I played in the first team and I played decently. However, this year there has been many new students coming to the school that are great at basketball and I'm now one of the worst in the team. I haven't been selected for the first team for a while and second team matches will start soon so I would be able to play. I have lost most of my motivation and I'm only attending training sessions and playing in matches as my goal is to get the color.

My problem is I would have to play and go to training for 4 more months but my interest for the sport is fading away but I really want to get my color as I have already committed two years previously so if I quit I would have wasted my time. 

Should I continue playing basketball? 

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