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1980s school house clock chimes weirdly?

Back in the 1980s we received this schoolhouse clock or drop octagon clock. It was a quartz battery operated clock that had a speaker in the back that the chimes were coming from. As I remember it was suppose to be a 'budget clock' but the clock was made of solid wood casing and the face of the clock had a glass that could be opened that enabled you to turn the hands and the door underneath could open that says 'regulator' on it that allowed you to mess with the pendulum.

It says 'Westminster chimes' on the face of the clock but the chimes had a different note melody than the traditional Westminster chimes.

On the hour it would repeat the first 8 notes of the 3rd quarter Westminster chime and it would count the hours. 

On the half hour it would repeat the 3rd quarter Westminster chime (The first 8 notes of it) and count just 1 hour. 

It only strikes the hour and half hour. 

Not sure if this was a manufacturer error or that they wanted to keep the price down. Any suggestions? 

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    Live with it or get it repaired.  Call the manufacturer for advice.  It would be best to just find another clock.

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