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Why are there suddenly rats everywhere?

I cannot sleep because for some reason, tonight, rats have decided to have a rave in my attic and wall cavities. I am livid. Haven't heard anything for years and years. I'm guessing it's rats because they sound far too big for mice. That, or a squirrel or sonething.

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    You might invest in a set of those electronic ultrasonic rodent repellers.

    They do work quite well in spite of limited range.

    Too  big for mice could be anything. Have your attic inspected for 'calling cards' and have your culprits identified.

    Now I had a single mouse in my overhead a while, and surprised at how noisy she was when active, I know a shee as when I went to trap her, I found a nest of 5 new born pups. 2 weeks later, I deplyed some of those electronic repellers and they all left,,problem solved.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Sometimes they randomly move it.

    Take some mint oil, dip it in cotton, set it on fire in your attic. Put the fire out and promptly leave the room. The smell is so powerful and overwhelming that creatures with sensitive noses (like rats, mice or squrriels) won't be able to go anywhere near that room for weeks. You'll still smell it yourself for a week or two

  • You might be having bad weather in your area which is dragging them all to your place. Hopefully you can get rid of em

  • 4 weeks ago

    Because they are interesting

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